Sculpture 005 (made to order)

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This item is currently sold, but I would be happy to make the item. Please feel free to contact me from here if you have any questions. 


Hand forged Modern Metal Sculpture #005

This sculpture is composed of 2 hand-forged objects.
These metal objects keep a good balance and tension by being connected with only a magnet ball.

I create a form that is inherently organic by hammering the forged steel by hand. Polishing and buffing the dynamic metal geometries carefully and repeatedly yield glossy surfaces that compliment and enhance the already dynamic form of each creation.

⚬ 24” high x 20” wide x 15” deep.
⚬ Metal objects are made of hand-forged and polished steel.

⚬ Stand is made of turned walnut wood with brass rod.

⚬ Handmade in the USA.